How to take care of your Bikini this Summer

We all know a little too well, that awful feeling of seeing our favourite swimsuit begin to tire. That little part of us dies inside with the thought of having to replace them.

Need not to worry, as we have put together 4 helpful tips in caring for your bikini this summer. You’re welcome in advance…

You may have heard your Mum say this when you were younger, but it is true….

Always hand wash your swimsuit after use

We are sure you already know how detrimental chlorine can be to your bikini, but are you aware of salt water being just as bad?

It is paramount you rinse your swimwear after a day out by the pool or chilling at the beach.

Chlorine and salt water can not only fade colour, but can also eat away at the elastane and shape of your bathers, leaving you with a drab, loose fitting and faded swimsuit.

Sunscreen can also eat away at the materials of your favourite pair of swims. Even when you haven’t had a dip that day, giving your bathers a quick rinse or soak after being worn is mandatory!

Also, please note: hand-washing your swimwear like you would with your delicate’s is the only way to clean them. Using your washing machine can be a too harsh on your fav swims!

How to take care of your bikini this Summer 2018/19 | Sommer Swim 1

Don't dry your swimsuit in the sun

Now that you know the correct way of washing your swimsuit, drying them is just as important! Try to avoid wringing the water out of your bathers as it not only ruins the fibres of the swimsuit. It can also damage the shape and colour. Hanging them out in the sun to dry is also a big NO as the sun can bleach the colour. Goodbye Neon, hello lime green! Lying your bathers down on a towel is the best way to dry them quickly.

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Be careful on what you sit on!

When lying by the pool the last thing we are thinking about is what surface we are sitting on for the care of our bathers… But if you want to ensure you do not pull the fabric of your bather bottoms, you best be careful on where you place your derriere.

Many pools are confined by hard concrete that can easily make small pulls on the fabric of your swimwear. Let’s just say a number of small bumps, pulls and lumps isn’t the best look, especially on our bather bottoms…

How to take care of your bikini this Summer 2018/19 | Sommer Swim

Don’t live in one pair of bikinis!

We all know once we find the perfect fitting, best looking pair of bathers we are tempted to wear them day in and day out. However, it is important to give your swimsuit a rest, so it can bounce back after each wear. Memory fabrics like spandex need about 24 hours in order to snap back to their original state, so during those warmer months or when packing for a summer holiday, make sure to pack a few pairs and rotate them regularly.

So, there you have it! A few helpful tips to ensure your bathers stay looking their finest.

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