If you follow Sommer Swim on Instagram you would have noticed all the beautiful women around the world wearing our bikinis. But have you had the chance to venture beyond their steamy Sommer pics?

There are so many IT girls out there with endless fashion inspiration cluttering up their Instagram feeds. Here are some of our favourite Instagram IT Girls to follow in 2018.

Sydney sider @robertapecoraro at 'Chic Management

This curly haired maven arrived on most people’s radar this year. Roberta is a Sydney babe who loves an 'off duty' model outfit or two. She looks good in everything but one of the main reasons to follow her is her love of Australian labels.

Her outfits are accessible to us mere mortals. From 'Hansen and Gretel', to 'Bec & Bridge' and of course 'Sommer Swim'. These Aussie labels are thrust in the spotlight on her insta page. 

South African honey @jessleebuchanan

This babe has a guilt-free tomboy edge to her fashion. You’ll find her in vintage Harley shirts, 90’s shades and 'Rat and Boa' pieces. Far from your standard model Instagram, Jess is engaging. She shares funny captions and flaunts her enviable dress up costumes.

We love her sense of style and nomadic ways here at 'Sommer Swim'.

LA made @briannamellon

Prepare for winged eyeliner envy. This babe is as flawless as her liquid liner. She’s got the fashion hook-ups in the US, from 'Realisation Par' to 'Reformation' and 'Urban Outfitters'. Her style is eclectic. One minute she’s in a girly mini dress, the next she’s in jeans and a tee. Brianna seen her in our Gisele Top.

Euro baby @matildadjerf

This Swedish globetrotter is renowned for her fashion blog and daily outfit inspiration. If a label is trending she’s covered it on her blog. She’s a tanned goddess and will inspire you to inject a little more colour into your wardrobe.

Matilda loves her high-end labels such as 'Gucci' but mixed in with Aussie brands like 'Zulu and Zephyr'. She will also always give you an ear candy moment. Matilda is wearing our Hosk Bottoms in Leopard Luxe.

If you’ve got a snap of yourself in 'Sommer Swim', send it to pr@sommerswim.com for a chance to be featured