The Sommer Swim team have had the luxury of working from home for a few years now. Our Creative Director is based between Bali & Europe, while our Customer Service and Marketing girls are in Australia. If you’ve found yourself now working from home, welcome to the club! We understand making the transition from office to home is a new phenomenon for many, so we wanted to share a few of our daily practices to help you navigate this new #WFH lifestyle, and how to make the most of it.

The perfect working from home office setup.

Image Credit @emilyoberg 



It is so important to create an area for yourself to work, create, and be in the zone. Having a dedicated space for your new 9-5 really separates work from home life. If you can, try to fill this space with natural light and anything that keeps you inspired – books, art, photography prints, and fresh blooms are some of our must-haves.


 Routines and rituals are the glue that holds us together on days when you might otherwise feel like melting into a puddle. Understandably your regular morning routine has been thrown out the window as you're no longer rushing to the train station, or down your apartment stairwell to jump in an Uber. Take advantage of this new found morning time for a little self-care. You might decide to practice 30 minutes of yoga, write down your list of to-do's, and mindfully make yourself a cup of coffee before jumping onto emails.  Creating a morning routine for yourself can bring structure and purpose back into your day, which we've found to be an important practice to keeping our day on track.



Never underestimate the magic of a shower and a fresh outfit, these two actions can improve your headspace and in turn increase productivity. Do not work in your pyjamas. Read that sentence again. Our team's WFH uniform trend is rotating between the UMA Bralette Top with a wide leg pant, or the JOURDAN Bralette Top under a white T-shirt with jeans. Both tops are supportive enough to be worn instead of a bra! Perks of working from home.


Time management is key when working remotely. Getting up at a reasonable time to practice your morning routine, and allocating time-blocks for different tasks will keep your workload and stress levels manageable.  Starting and finishing work at a regular time that suits you will also ensure you're keeping a routine schedule of clocking in, and switching off, when it's time to.


Make sure you're stepping out of your workspace and taking advantage of doing things you wouldn't be able to do during an office lunch break. Like wearing your Sommer Swim bikini while getting some Vitamin D on your balcony, or in the backyard. Another reason to love working from home & one we don't take for granted, is being able to make yourself a delicious lunch – our cuisine of choice is pasta, of course. Take a look at our Staying In With Sommer article for an easy recipe. 



This work structure can feel isolating, which is why we find it really important to check in with fellow freelancers and WFH friends. A quick FaceTime or phone call is a good way to step outside your bubble (metaphorically speaking). Conversations with loved ones might give you a new perspective, or a boost of motivation you didn't know you needed. While chatting to like-minded people or others in your industry, can keep you creatively energised.


At the end of each day take time to clean up your workspace, finish ticking off any last-minute to-do's, and write a note of what you need to finish tomorrow.
This small step helps signify that your work day has finished, and the bottle of wine in the fridge is ready to be poured.